Report: US-Market Acura TSX Diesel On Hold

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Honda has been talking up plans to add a diesel to its US lineup, starting with an unnamed 2009 Acura model assumed to be the TSX. Turns out Honda neglected to cover all its bases: The new engine reportedly passes emissions when equipped with a manual transmission but not when an automatic is bolted up. Acura wisely decided the U.S. business case for a diesel TSX sans slushbox was problematic, resulting in the temporary cancellation of the program. Will we ever see it? Ward's reports a source simply saying "The (diesel in the) Acura has been canceled.” [Ward's via Temple of VTEC]


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Rob Emslie

AUTOMOBILE drove a CRV with this engine around San Francisco, and claimed 25MPG in the city. They said it got 49 on the highway. Not only was it frugal, but they didn't think it was any noisier than the petrol version, and had a butt-load more torque to boot.

I'd slather my nuts in honey and wrassle a bear on live TV for something like that.