Report: Porsche's lineup to be all hybrid in all cars

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On the heals of their successful racing hybrids, Porsche recently announced they would be adding the spark that has been missing from Porsche vehicles all along: electricity. Finally, Porsche is fixing the one thing they' have been missing all this time all along by adding paralegal-hybrid systems to each one of their vehicles.


To be honest, this is sort of what Porsche has needed all along. When we have been driving all the Porsches we have been driving we have felt as if we are hurting the environment, and therefore only have driven them slowly. But now that the cat is out of the bag we are looking forward to Porsche finally ignoring the green and going for the green!

"No model in the Porsche family is exempt from its responsibility to Mother Gaia," Porsche CEO Matthias Müller said. "We have a responsibility to save the world."

I like the way she thinks.


Press Release:

The Driving Instructors Association (DIA) welcomes the consultation process conducted by the Department for Transport (DfT) on the subject of whether or not to allow Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) to draw longer trailers.
The DfT proposal is to increase the length of articulated vehicles from 16.5m to 18.75m, which would allow trailers to accommodate the equivalent of four extra pallets. The Maximum Authorised Mass of the vehicle will remains at 44 tonnes.

More information on the consultation, which closes on June 21, can be found at

The DIA's contribution to the process will place on record our concerns about the lack of understanding between large goods vehicle drivers and vulnerable road users. LGV drivers have problems with the visibility of road users in close proximity to their vehicle, and the majority of road users do not have the appropriate understanding of the turning space required for these larger vehicles, especially when turning left and right, and reversing.


Steve Garrod, DIA group gerneral manager, said: "While we're broadly in favour of the proposals, and see a number of advantages to longer articulated vehicles, we would like to see the government addressing the road safety implications through more public information films. We feel these films are an inclusive, highly effective and cost-effective method of communicating important road safety messages, helping to educate the driving and riding public. By seeing these films, road users become aware of the changes and their implications, and the audio-visual nature of them helps the message stick in their minds."


Slid into The Matzohball

This is fantastic.

A automatic (pdk = Doppelkupplung ) for people who cant drive stick.

A "SUV" *cough CUV Toureg cough* for people who never go off road.

A Sedan for people, designed by their HALFWIT CEO who's only point for the vehicle, is that he could wear his hat in the backseat, all the while tried to get a takeover bid for VW going.. and lost while almost going into bankruptcy, only to get help from the Saudis, NOW be taken over itself.. by VW wholly.

Now ya got ideas of a smaller "SUV" *cough CUV Tiguan cough* for people really not interested in a "suv" but still want to look like they are.. and have 50g burning a EXXON VALDEX-like hole in their pocket

This is exactly what I want in a "sporty company when 4Rings on ya grill isnt enough".