Report: Ford Australia Gears Up for US Rear-Drive Invasion

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A right-hand-drive Mustang with a twin-turbo V6? You heard that right. Of course, the goofyfoot version would be for Aussie eyes only. From the other direction would come a new rear-drive Ford platform for the US market, a strategy GM's already following for a new line of burnout machines. That from a report today in Australia's, which says Ford Australia will be the development point for a new range of cars that could show up as early as 2011. Ford's already said it's considering options for rear-drive development, and the Aussie connection would be an obvious story line. Could the Interceptor concept become the next Crown Vic? One can only hope. []


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

First let me say that the styling isn't finalised.

Secondly; Ford USA and Australia have made some stupid decisions (F***ED THEMSELVES RIGHTFULLY) in the past. Ford USA ignored the potential of Ford AU for many years and both ignored their most important people; YOU! The customer, the people with passion, the people who don't like being told what they want. They let their bean counters (accountants) make too many decisions in product development (Would you like an accountant to style your car?).

In the early 80's Ford AU decided to drop the V8 from the Falcon line up. Ten years later, it returned because Holden (who never dropped the V8 from Commodore) were selling plenty of V8's.

In the 90's Ford AU assumed the public don't want the Falcon any more. They imported a car which they said will ultimately replace the Falcon (Cause Ford AU knows all). And what did they try and replace it with? Well logic will dictate that the only viable alternative would be Crown Vic right? No, The Ford fricken Taurus! FWD only and no V8. Naturally it flopped.

I was born a Ford fan and it pains me to see this company is ignoring us, THEIR PEOPLE! People who love a brand of product so much, they'll get into fist fights over it!

A F***ing brand name!

Now Ford have left me considering the the worst. Buying a Holden.


For a company who's is in the best position to gain public feedback on their product (info that other companies would kill for), choose to ignore it. Don't you want to be here ten years from now?