Report: Fewer Web Shoppers Researching Chrysler Products

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Chrysler July sales dropped below the 100,000 unit mark as consumers began to show signs that they've lost confidence in the company, reports Automotive News. While Chrysler's announcement that it would suspend leasing August 1 caused a last-minute flurry of shoppers, more ominous was a report by that Chrysler's June "shopper count," its number of online product inquiries on major automotive Web sites, fell to the company's second-lowest on record. Hmm; loss of customer interest and no leases. Where could this be going?


Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Though Chrysler's last-minute leasing bubble looked good on paper, the net effect will be to front-load shoppers, not unlike the GM "employee pricing for everyone deals" from a few years back. Combined with news of the lack of product research being conducted by potential buyers, the bad news for Chrysler is that everyone who may have been interested in driving a Chrysler probably picked one up at the end of July. August sales numbers will begin to tell the story, as we'll see the combined effects of customer defections and the absence of leasing availability. Is this yet another warning sign for Cerberus, who many think is in over its head, or just another unusual component in a broader calculated strategy for returning Chrysler to health? [Automotive News, Sub. Req.; Image Credit: Andrzej Wolfarth via TOCMP]



having last year - for the first time ever - bought a Chrysler product I have to say that although I love my Dodge Magnum in every respect, it's no surprise that Chrysler is experience a loss of interest. Their current lineup is so bland and uninteresting their full-page newspaper ads are like vehicular sominex. They messed up with the redesigned mini van (should have introduced a smaller, cheaper more aerodynamic Mazda 5 competitor instead of a breadbox), messed up with Daimler, sort-of messed up with Jeep, messed up with the Pacifica (the high introductory price tag of that model killed any momentum the design innovation may have engendered), etc. etc. etc.

I have kids, but I hate mini vans and I want better packaging options than SUVs provide. The Pacifica and Magnum both offer plenty of room and features and were always competitors with my previous car, the Volvo XC-70. Now they're dead and all they offer are middling sedans, an unending stream of 300Cs, Jeep derivatives and that humongous mini van.

No thanks (but I may just pick up a used Crossfire).