Report: Chrysler Prepping More Dodge-Like Dodge EV For Detroit

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Chrysler may be bringing an updated hopes and dreams Dodge EV to the Detroit Auto Show. What’s new? Styling going further than a badge swap and possibly four seats. So, a Lotus Evora?


Well, we don’t know for sure. First unveiled in September, the Dodge EV was the first of four smoke and mirrors-like electric concept vehicles developed by Chrysler’s ENVI program. Allegedly, the company claims it'll have one electric vehicle on the road in 2010. To cut costs, instead of developing an all-new model it’s looking to drop some batteries into an existing vehicle. In the EV’s case, that vehicle is the Lotus Europa.


Since that time Chrysler chose to unveil its future product line to a selection of media outlets that purposefully excluded Jalopnik readers. We'd been told one of the vehicles included was an electric version of the Jeep Patriot, but we'd also been told to expect a concept vehicle to be unveiled at Detroit. We guess this is it.

Now, according to the real journalists over at Automotive News, Chrysler plans to show off an updated EV in Detroit next week:

The Dodge EV shown in September was a Lotus-derived electric sports car. Look for the show version to have more Dodge styling cues and possibly be a four-passenger coupe.


Since the Dodge EV was basically just a Lotus Europa with batteries, it stands to reason a four-seat coupe version would be based on the four-seat Lotus Evora. “More Dodge styling cues?” We’re guessing that means they’ve grafted on a crosshair grille.

Is it just us, or is everyone sick of Lotus-based smoke and mirrors electric sportscars? Thankfully, Lotus says it’s developing its own EV, possibly in time for the Geneva Motor Show. [source: Automotive News]

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