Report: Alfa Coming to US in 2009, Bringing 8C, Brera, Spider

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Oh good — Fiat's so flush, it's sending Alfa to the states earlier than expected. In fact, the UK's Just Auto says we'll start seeing launch activity by the end of 2008. The mag's also making with new details about the lineup. We already knew the 8C Competizione and its Spider sibling will be the halo cars — as if we could get our mitts on one (the first run of 500 each are reportedly accounted for). For us plebes, Alfa will bring the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider. And in 2010, the new 159 sedan will take on Audi and BMW. Look for the first rumblings midyear '08 as Maserati gears up to ride Alfa in on its back.

Alfa Romeo's US relaunch pegged for spring 2009 [Motor Authority]

Fiat Group's Product Plan Leaked: New Alfa Romeo Models, Abarth's Return [internal]


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Everything I've heard says they will be sold through the Mazerati dealers, but there are only 50 or so of them in the US, if they are going to sell these cars in any numbers then they will have to come up with a better solution.

Hey, they used to sell through Ford dealers and Ford is kinda broke right now, maybe they could take them on again for a small stipend.