Report: 2016 Toyota Tacoma Priced From $22,200 To $39,375

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Documents that appear to have come from a dealer’s meeting lay out a pretty complete price and configuration list for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Check it out right here.


An observant reader tells us these popped up on the Tacoma World forums but were quickly removed. Luckily for us, he was quicker to screencap and we’ve embedded the document below for you to have a look.

Straight away we can see that the single cab is gone, there are no two-wheel-drive manual options, and the 4WD TRD Pro six-speed is still in the mid-$30’s. The reason for shortening the list of variants seems to be addressed in the first bullet point; “Manufacturing line more efficient with less suspension configurations. Able to build more Tacomas.”

Looks like 4WD trucks will still get a manual transmission option and as we’d already heard; Toyota is keeping four and six-cylinder engines for the truck.

The TRD version, which was sort of the de-facto coolest version, is not the most expensive. That honor goes to the Limited at just over $39,000 without options. In fact, we’re not seeing a “TRD Pro” on the list at all... just a “TRD Sport” and “TRD Off-Road” which we’re thinking is a little different.

Another interesting line was that bit about a $650 OEM tonneau cover (you know, one of those flat things that goes over the bed) had to be sold on 30% of Tacomas to meet CAFE requirements.

I’m told this means the EPA lets Toyota advertise certain MPG figures achieved with the cover, as long as less than a third of Toyota’s truck are sold with said accessory. We’ll be looking into this a little more closely and circling back.


Meanwhile, take a look through the paper, keeping in mind the prices posted “are subject to change.” Looks legit in general though.


Image via Toyota, Hat tip to Ryan!

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Mike Ramsey

I’m getting a truck as my next purchase mostly so I don’t get yelled at by the wife when I yank the seats out of her minivan and get it dirty back there. I used to have an F150 and I just don’t need a truck that big but Jesus fucking Christ you’re telling me that if I want to get a taco with heated seats I’ve got to drop $39k for one. Why in the hell would anybody buy one of these (same goes for the Colorado)? I want 3 things in my next truck; 4 doors, 4 wheel drive and heated seats. I don't give a shit about any other options but I've got 2 kids to occasionally haul around, it drops about 5 feet of snow on average around here and I like to have a warm ass. Is that too much to ask to get a truck in the low to mid $30k range? I don't want to buy used because as high as the interest rate is they end up costing the same as a new one.