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Replacing a Bus Wheel with a Giant Log Will Apparently Work in a Pinch

Sometimes when you don’t have a wheel or you do have a wheel but for whatever reason it won’t mount, but you still need to move your vehicle, there’s little choice but to resort to “creative” measures. We’ve already seen the floor-jack method, but this one—simply dragging the broken vehicle, in this case a bus, on top of a log—is by far my new favorite.


This is one of those videos that I have very little information on, other than what Viral Hog—a YouTube channel that buys up highly-clickable videos and posts them to YouTube—has in its caption. That description says that this all went down on Feb. 23 in Prokopyevsk, Russia, and that the clip shows “What appears to be a truck, towing a bus with a wooden log where the wheel should be.”

So there’s not much info, but the important bit is the video itself, which is properly nutty:

How is that log even attached? Is it tied to the bus’s leaf spring? What happened to the wheel (or wheels, as this appears to be a dually)? Is anyone in the bus other than, I assume, the driver? How far did this dump truck have to yank this crippled machine?


To these, we don’t have answers, but what matters is that this Drag Your Broken Car By a Log method appears to work! So keep that in the back of your mind if your car is ever stuck in a tough spot and you want to try something dangerous for whatever reason.

Sr. Technical Editor, Jalopnik. Always interested in hearing from auto engineers—email me. Cars: Willys CJ-2A ('48), Jeep J10 ('85), Jeep Cherokee ('79, '91, '92, '00), Jeep Grand Cherokee 5spd ('94).

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Turning Jalopanese, AKA Chalupa Batman

Figures it would be in Prokopyevsk. That’s the Montreal of the Florida of Russia. Maybe.