Replace Your House, Boat And Bike With This Amphibious Camper Trike

If you want to live totally off-grid, this boat/bike/camper could be the way to go… if you don’t like space.

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A photo of the Z-triton camper trike being ridden near a lake.
Boats and campers and bikes, oh my!
Photo: Z-Triton

The Swiss Army Knife has stood the test of time as the ultimate multi-tool for any explorer. You can saw through wood, open a tin can and hang stuff on that weird hook thing. But now, a small engineering firm has created what it thinks could be the ultimate versatile adventuring tool: an amphibious camper trike.

That’s right, with #VanLife and off-grid living sweeping the nation, one engineering firm in Latvia is striving to create one super vehicle to cover every mode of transport you can think of. And its boat/bike/camper hybrid really is quite something.

Called the Z-Triton, this three-wheeled, multipurpose machine combines a battery-assisted trike with a small boat, which also doubles as a sleeping area, kitchen and passenger transporter. It can carry two people, one rider and a passenger. The Z-Triton claims to have space for two people to sleep inside.

A photo pf the Z-Triton in boat mode.
Oh no, someone rode their bike into the river!
Photo: Z-Triton

Its built-in battery pack can carry you 50 km on land or 20 km in water. The Z-Triton also has a solar panel on the roof for charging, as well as a 220v charging port.

While you’re traversing the highways, the Z-Triton looks like any other bike pulling an oversized trailer. There’s a seat and handlebars up front for steering, as well as the pedals to keep you moving.

This setup is bolted to the front of an amphibious trailer, which looks a bit like someone tried to recreate the traditional English narrowboat for a hyperactive millennial.


It’s all vibrant colors and angles but with plenty of windows to keep your vitamin D levels topped up. Oh, and there is also a space on the roof to pot up your favorite plant. Cute.

A photo of two people eater dinner in the Z-Triton
Just the two of us.
Photo: Z-Triton

To transition this Franken-craft from its land-going trike to the ocean-ready boat, you just have to flip up the rear wheels and the front running gear. There is also a pair or stabilizers to inflate, and the electric motor must be lowered into the water.

Then, you’re finally ready to tackle your local river or lake. And just in case you run out of power in the middle of a lake, the Z-Triton also has space to attach two oars to paddle home.


Inside the futuristic trailer, the Z-Triton has space for two people to sleep, a fold away kitchen table, a sound system and USB charging. What more could you possibly want?


Priced at €14,500 ($16,000), the Z-Triton isn’t just some far-off concept vehicle, oh no. This year, the firm started deliveries of the Z-Triton, and it also has plans to ship it worldwide.

So, when can I get my hands on one to recreate the time David Tracy and Jason Torchinsky lost their minds when they spent 24 hours in a VW campervan?