Rented, Speeding Mustang Crashes Into Pole And Disintegrates

It’s worth noting right up front that, incredibly, the driver survived this wreck unharmed.

That’s insane to consider when you realize the driver was found in the driver’s seat, which was no longer surrounded by a Mustang. The rented Mustang was nearby, in a large set of pieces around Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle, reports TV station KIRO. The driver was doing 90 mph in a 35 zone. Way to not be a cliché, buddy.


If you’ve ever heard the blood-curdling screams and pleas of mercy that follow the end of every Cars and Coffee gathering, you’re well aware that Mustang crashes happen all the time. What makes this one so disturbingly fascinating is how completely and dramatically destroyed this rented convertible Mustang was.

It’s not like the car was mangled horribly; there simply no longer is a car. The amount of matter that once made up the car has been, transformed into an area of trail filled with twisted chunks of Mustang, ranging in size from some bolts to the left rear quarter of the car.

The pole appears to have suffered only cosmetic damage

Police report that the car was doing about 90 mph when the driver lost control and impacted a power pole. Witnesses describe the car exploding and shearing into burning wreckage that rained down on the walking trail. Thankfully, the driver managed to avoid oncoming traffic and somehow the wreckage did not hit any of the hikers on the trail.


The driver himself seems to have used up his lifetime allotment of luck, as the driver’s seat, the driver’s door (with window remarkably intact), and part of the front quarter of the car were ripped free and landed on the trail, leaving the driver unharmed.

The driver has been released by police, as the cops need to take some time to figure out what this scale of fuckup merits, charge-wise. I wonder if this guy got full insurance on the rental? Do rental car places just think of Mustangs as one-time-use disposables yet?

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