Renault is so hot right now. Just a few days ago their Megane RS 275 Trophy-R just set the Nurburgring record for a FWD car at 7 minutes 54 seconds, and now they've dropped this bomb. They're launching a 500+ horsepower race car called the Renault Sport Trophy. So hot.


The Sport Trophy will be used exclusively in Renault's World Series, which I'm told is not a baseball game, but in fact, a racing series put on by Renault. The series tours various European tracks, and has proved to be somewhat of a breeding ground for great drivers. Both Marc Gené and Fernando Alsonso, among many others have come from this series.

The car will be built by Dallara with a carbon fiber monocoque, and features a 500+ HP engine made by the wonderful loons at Nismo. Power is routed through a seven-speed sequential gearbox, and the car only weighs 2,425 lbs. It should be, to use a technical term, fast.

How fast? Well, it weighs a little less than the US-Spec Alfa Romeo 4C, which is one of the lightest cars on sale today, and makes double the horsepower. Should put on quite a show then.

The Sport Trophy will make its debut at the Moscow International Automobile Salon on August 27th, and will hit the tracks in next year.