Renault Now Offers A Special-Edition Twingo With Macaron Tech

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been wondering why it’s taken the world’s two most important industries—the macaron industry and the automotive industry—so long to find a suitable collaboration. Well, wonder no more, beacause finally there’s a car built in partnership with the world’s leading macaron developer: the Renault Twingo PH Macaron, a joint venture between Renault and Pierre Hermé, Parisian crafter of fine macarons.

Using the absolute latest advances in mechanical-pastry integration, the two powerhouses in their respective industries have applied their collective might to integrate macaron qualities into the already delightful rear-engined Twingo. The results is this very limited-edition Twingo (just 50 made of each of the two colors) that has these special features:

A unique stripe kit and special interior colors, available in two variations:


Blanc Crystal, which I think is based on this mint (Infiniment, the website translates to?) macaron. There’s also the Blue Nocturn M version:

That one is based on the Mogador macaron, which has milk chocolate inside but looks like a tiny cheeseburger to me.


The cars also come with some Pierre Hermé logo badges, because if you have a special edition car designed for the world’s finest maker of macarons, you sure as hell don’t want to hide it.

Oh, and when you plop down your roughly $19,334 to get yours (if you get it—they’re holding a lottery to see who gets one of these 100 cars) you also get some things I never realized existed: super-fancy macaron carrying bags:


Look! they’re transparent so you can see the macarons lurking and cavorting within! Though I should point out that, as that asterisk tells us, “Macarons are not included.”

Look, I know this is absurd and I probably should be making more fun of it, but the truth is I really like the new Twingo—it’s a four-door little rear-engined car that makes a respectable near-90 horsepower from a mere 897cc engine and seems like it’d be a blast to drive.


These color schemes and stripes and fun, vibrant interiors look pretty great too, so who am I to judge that it’s all tied in to overpriced marshmallow treats?

Go ahead, you lucky 100 people, enjoy those dessert-themed Twingos! Drive vigorously and with delight, and as you whiz by, reach into your fancy translucent macaron bags and fling some macarons out the window for all of us poor bastards around you! Life is for the living!

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