Renault May Bring Back Old Names For New Electric Cars

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Photo: Renault

Since Nissan-Renault’s old boss mailed himself to Lebanon, there’s been a new person at the French carmaker’s tiller, Luca de Meo. De Meo has some ideas about how to turn around Renault’s fortunes, and he’s going to talk about them this Thursday at a company strategy update. It seems that strategy involves leaning into Renault’s rich history and turning some old motoring icons into new electric cars.


Sources informed Reuters that EVs named for — and possibly designed to resemble, in modern interpretations — of classic Renaults like the Renault 4, R5 and Super Cinq are being considered.

Personally, I love this idea, as I think Renault has so many great old cars with distinctive, appealing looks and great names. What about a new electric Dauphine for a stylish city car? Or some kind of wide-hipped R5 Turbo, only not a turbo, because it’s electric, but still small, fast and fun?

A cool crossover-EV take on the Renault 4 seems like a no-brainer. Maybe even they could go really nuts and make a new one-box Aventime EV premium car?

Photo: Renault

The source also claims there are three new EVs planned for the Alpine brand, which, of course, sounds amazing.

There are lots of ways they could make this really wonderful. And also ways they could just debase the names and identities of their former glory. So I guess we’ll just have to see how this all plays out.

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