Reminder: Our Big New Jersey Car Show For Hurricane Relief Happens Sunday

Photo credit Raphael Orlove
Photo credit Raphael Orlove

You’re probably tired of hearing me harp on the first-ever Jalopnik Auto Show, the big car party we’re throwing in Newark this Sunday to raise money for hurricane relief. Or you’re just counting down the minutes until it arrives. Either way, tickets are still on sale and you should come.


UPDATE: Please note the event has been postponed due to severe storms.

Earlier: Here’s your final-ish reminder that you should come out to Newark on Sunday afternoon to hang out with like-minded gearheads, and when you pay just $10 to RSVP or at the door, your money goes to three charities working hard to help people in hurricane-hit areas.

Now, there’s a chance we’ll get some rain in Newark on Sunday. Please note the show happens rain or shine. We’d look like assholes if we canceled a hurricane relief benefit over some rain, and while we are assholes, we are assholes who own umbrellas.

When: Sunday, Oct. 29, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll be there to move the cars into place. Get there early if you can, but we imagine cars will be coming in and out on a rolling basis.


Where: A big dang parking lot. The address is 246 Market Street, Newark, New Jersey, 07102.

Who: You! Bring whatever car or cars you want. All proceeds will be split three ways and donated directly to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, United For Puerto Rico and The Miami Foundation.


How Much: Just $10 a person to get in! RSVP here, or pay at the door. That’s $10 per person, not per car. And if you can’t make it but want to donate a ticket anyway, you’ve done your good deed for the week or year or whatever.

Yes, tickets are still for sale. And if you can’t come but want to help, buy the shirt from our friends at Blipshift, because all profits from that sale go to helping these charities too.


I’ve got my fingers crossed the weather will turn out to be fine. Meteorology is a pseudoscience at best anyway. Everyone knows that.

See you on Sunday!

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You guys need a rain date because it is expected to downpour Sunday...