Reminder: GM-Chrysler Merger Mashup Photochop Contest

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Just a reminder boys and girls — you only have until 12:01 AM on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 to get your best submissions in to us in the GM-Chrysler Merger Mashup p-chop contest. Slap 'em into either the comments on the original post or e-mail us at for the “GM-Chrysler Merger Mashup Photoshop Contest”. Now, get out there and Photoshop us some crazy Monte Chargers and Corvipers or whatever for your chance to win the XBOX 360 game and a copy of the 10th season of Top Gear — and remember, as always, that standard contest rules apply. Oh, and that entry above? We're calling that the 300Camino! Some say he has a tattoo of a Saleen S7 on his rear end. Others tell us he was born with a penchant for oil rather than his mum's milk. All we know is he's called the Auto Insider and he's always ready to provide the scoop from the other side of Eight Mile.

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Oh look, another Photoshop contest, so more people can waste time at their desks entering contests instead of, you know, doing actual work.

The last comment is from someone who doesn't have the intellect nor the patience to perform simple photoshop editing, and just lashes out at anyone else who does.

Ahhh, I see it's time for my daily medication........