Reminder: Come To Our Car Show For Hurricane Relief This Sunday (And Get A Sweet Deal From The Classic Car Club Manhattan)

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We’re throwing a big car party on Sunday. You should buy tickets and come, because you get to hang out with really cool car people (us) and when you do all that money gets donated to three charities actively doing hurricane relief work in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Now here’s an even cooler deal.

UPDATE: The event has been postponed due to storms.


When: Sunday, Oct. 29, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll be there to move the cars into place. Get there early if you can, but we imagine cars will be coming in and out on a rolling basis.

Where: A big dang parking lot. The address is 246 Market Street, Newark, New Jersey, 07102.

Who: You! Bring whatever car or cars you want. All proceeds will be split three ways and donated directly to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, United For Puerto Rico and The Miami Foundation.

How Much: Just $10 a person to get in! RSVP here, or pay at the door. That’s $10 per person, not per car. And if you can’t make it but want to donate a ticket anyway, you’ve done your good deed for the week or year or whatever.


We may see some rain on Sunday but the party happens no matter what. Bring an umbrella. And your money goes to good causes regardless.

Now, onto the fun stuff.

Team Jalopnik will be there in our own cars, which include a C32 AMG and a manual Honda Fit. But thanks to our good friends at the Classic Car Club Manhattan, I’m showing up in a very special and unusual surprise car. I think you’re going to like it. (If you’re into rally cars you’re really going to like it.)


And the car club is doing something fine and good for hurricane relief too. For today only, they’re selling one (1) year-long Gold membership including dues to the Car Club—with access to all the cars—with 100 percent of proceeds going to Global Giving. That organization is also helping with hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.


The car club, if you’re not familiar with it, is located at Pier 76 on the West Side Highway in Manhattan and it’s run by some seriously A+ human beings. It’s one of the best ways to sample great cars in New York, offering members access to a huge fleet of new and old cars. If you have a valid driver’s license, are at least 25, and have been thinking of joining the club, today’s the day to do it because it benefits a great cause.

For everyone else, we’ll see you on Sunday.

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