Reminder: Cars Can't Surf

Right now, right outside my window, things are dark and weird and windy, like some big storm is about to hit. Which is because that’s exactly what’s happening; Hurricane Dorian is on its way. For those just south of me, in the lesser Carolina, South Carolina, Dorian has already hit, and it’s wreaking havoc. One good tip for those of you near the coasts: don’t, for some unfathomable reason, drive your damn Jeep Grand Cherokee into the ocean and then just, you know, abandon it there, like this still-anonymous genius did earlier today.


It’s not exactly clear what was going on, but the owner of this current-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee somehow decided that the best time to drive onto the beach would be right as a hurricane approached, and at some point the Jeep got stuck in the sand, and then the tide advanced to bring the ocean right to the Jeep, which is now abandoned and completely swamped with metal-eating salty seawater.

Here’s some video of the unfortunate SUV, being lapped by waves, from WCIV ABC 4's live Facebook video earlier today:

It’s not like the hurricane was some big secret; the news has been talking about hardly anything else for days, and even other big trending stories are related.

What the hell was this person thinking when they drove onto the beach? That they’d better get the good oceanfront parking to watch the storm before it got too filled up? That’s a very stock looking Grand Cherokee, too, with what appear to be just normal all-season tires, hardly the best setup for sandy beach driving.

Reports suggest the Jeep was driven to the beach last night, and had been stuck there overnight.

Were they meeting an important seagull for lunch? I’m honestly baffled.

That poor Jeep is pretty well boned by now, and even if they pull it out, it’s so salt water-soaked that it’s hard not to see a future for this thing that doesn’t involve a cloud of brown, rusty dust.


Anyway, watch and learn, friends. Don’t do anything this stupid. At least not until the storm ends.

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Hey bum Torchinsky, the hurricane isn’t hitting the Carolinas, it’s hitting Alabama! Failing Jalopnik probably staged the Jeep in the ocean too! ANOTHER Chinese car that can’t surf. SAD!