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Three decades later, Gilles Villeneuve's legacy lives on — Motoramic

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting drivers to ever grace F1, we lost Gilles Villeneuve 32 years ago today. Former Jalop, current Yahoo, and former IndyCar driver Alex Lloyd sums up the man's career beautifully.

It was May 8, 1982. Zolder – a fast, twisting racecourse running through the forests of Belgium – played host to the fifth round of the Formula One world championship. With eight minutes to go in the final qualifying session, Gilles Villeneuve, driving for Ferrari, crested the rise after the first chicane to find a slowing Jochen Mass in the middle of Butte – a high-speed left-hander preceding the right-hander,Terlamenbocht. Mass, having seen a red flash with the familiar "V" on the helmet, moved right to allow Villeneuve to pass; Villeneuve, age 32, unaware of Mass's decision, kept his foot flat.

An Interview With Ford GT Designer Camilo Pardo — Petrolicious


This man designed one of the finest looking supercars of the last 20 years. Take notes.

Allow us to introduce you to Mr. Camilo Pardo and his work. Camilo is best known as the primary designer of the mid-2000s Ford GT, the recreation of the legendary Le Mans-winning racer. Like many other designers though, his interests are varied and he is constantly working on a variety of projects that span a wide range of disciplines. Unlike many other designers, he has enjoyed success in the vast majority. He is based in Detroit, Michigan although he has "one foot in Los Angeles." We were able to get a few minutes out of his busy schedule, between shooting a new TV show called Motor City Masters (TruTV, Tuesdays at 10PM beginning on June 24) and meeting with clients, to talk about his interests and career thus far.

Milwaukee Fire Department's first ambulance, a 1947 Cadillac Sayers & Scovill, returns home — Hemmings


Just a cool bit of history from the fine folks at Hemmings.

Bought for use on the scene of some of Brew City's biggest fires, Milwaukee Fire Department Ambulance No. 1 could handle the heat – even the heat of the Texas sun, under which it spent its retirement. But it belonged back in Milwaukee, and to Milwaukee it has recently returned, where, refurbished, it will go on display in this summer's Milwaukee Masterpiece.

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