Remembering Bryan Clauson: What It Meant To Try To Run 200 Races In A Year

Clauson gets into his sprint car for his second feature race of the night, walking right from victory lane to get there. Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

Bryan Clauson, winning dirt-track driver who died just last night, planned to run 200 races this year. Two hundred. When I first heard that number I didn’t wonder why he wanted to, I wondered, how could he? Almost three months ago to the day, I watched Bryan win a 410 wingless sprint race at Eldora Speedway while my camera was rolling, and found the answer.

Before he had a chance to go back to his trailer for a sip of water, before the car he had just won in was wheeled off the podium, and even before he received a “congratulations” or a “good luck” from his friends or family, he was strapping into the next car for his next race.

I’m sure there are other drivers who have done this before, and I’m sure there will be more after Bryan, but something about seeing it first-hand tugged at my emotions, especially now, leaving me with nothing but respect and admiration for someone so dedicated to their sport. I hope you feel similarly, too.


I only knew Bryan from the time we spent together working on the McLaren video but his positive demeanor, immense talent, and incredible legacy will stay with me forever.

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