Remember that time Terry Gross from NPR’s Fresh Air got banned from drag racing?


Me either. Maybe I made it up? Who can say.

UPDATE: To be very clear, yes, this is a joke. I made it up, because I thought it was fun and absurd. Someone’s already changed Terry Gross’ Wiki page. To be clear, THE HOST OF FRESH AIR DOES NOT HAVE A PAST IN DRAG RACING.


I’m amazed anyone would think this is real. I’m pretty sure Terry Gross would be a much better sport than this.

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Wait. I can’t tell...

Either way, Terry Gross is one of my least favorite public radio personalities. Can’t stand the way his voice rises and falls too much and for no reason.

Update: terry gross is, in fact, not a man. I was thinking of Tom Ashbrook from On Point. All the NPR shows have similar names... sorry Terry