Reliable Low-Budget Land Rovers: Part 1

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Truck Yeah! reader barreto loves Land Rovers, and thinks he can prove you can own one that actually works without spending $100,000. He’s taking this challenge seriously and starting with the most notoriously dangerous Range Rover ever; a $1,000 P38. Here’s how it starts.



My buddy’s $500 D1 has been pretty damn reliable. I mean, sure, it doesn’t really have floors or rear inner fenders but it DOES have 33s, sweet fender flares, and it’s a 5 speed. I think he’s into it for less than two grand including a new set of tires. I really hope cheap Rovers don’t become a thing, everything else I like has already become cool and now expensive. Anyway, I think my own D1 will get to 200k without any hiccups.