Reddit Is OK With Rapists But Not Used Car Salesmen

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One of the most popular features on the main Reddit pages, other than memes and puppies, are the "Ask Me Anything" forums where anyone from a Porsche employee to various self-admitted rapists come and answer questions.


Last night, an AMA appeared from a former used car salesman. Today, every response by the author has been deleted. Why?

The community turned on him and threatened to expose his stories about the car salesman's life to the principal at the school where he now works as a teacher. What could he have said that was so bad?

Reddit has never been known as the nunnery of the internet; all sorts of salacious material has found a home on the site. So we know it isn't because of the wheeling and dealing that goes on at a used car dealership and the possible illegality of some activities.

From the replies to his answers, which is all that's left now that everything has been deleted, it seems like the guy wasn't hiding anything about who he was or what he did. The one post that's left from the salesman says everything you need to know:

I spent a decade in the car biz as an -evil- used car salesman. I've lied, cheated, practically stole, wrecked cars, taken advantage of the elderly, sold the famed "chicken death Odyssey", banged the secretary, floated 30 foot balloon penis over mesa arizona on a sunday morning, worked with crazy drug using nutcases (including a now-convicted murderer), been attacked by a police bomb disposal robot, and have generally done very bad things to poor unsuspecting customers financial and automotive situation. I'm not the "good guy" salesman, and I'll answer your questions.


Reddit does require proof that a person is who they say they are if they make an Ask Me Anything. This poster also sent a link to an ad he put up on Craigslist as proof. It has since been removed.

Earlier, one Redditor did repost the entire deleted portion of the AMA. It's juicy.


He may have met his wife through work, but he also cheated people out of money and put them in debt. He's not what you'd call a good dude. His story about "Camaro Power" is simultaneously the greatest and worst thing ever.

I want to point out I have a fuckton of these. It's REALLY hard to pick just one. For example, another: Camaro Power.
I'm sitting there helping this younger, mildly attractive girl who's saved up some cash and wants to finance her first used car. She wants something sporty. I drag her -straight- to this pretty little red late 90's camaro. It's an automatic, reasonably well equipped, has a few miles on it, V8. We sit down and she's really excited, she thinks it's really pretty, she turns the key.
The engine comes to life with this totally unnatural sound, shaking like CRAZY, obviously misfiring or something. I look over, no check engine light (not surprising, our "shop" would frequently disable these). She looks at me with panic in her eyes.
"Is it, supposed to do that?"
I reach across, arm shaking, and pull the key out of the ignition.
"Get out of the car, get out right now."
She stumbles out of the car with me.
"What, what's wrong?!?"
"Listen, if you don't know 'camaro power' I can't sell you this car. THAT, was CAMARO POWER."
She looks back at the car, and back up to me.
"I.... Like it."
I clobbered her on the deal, then watched the giant grin plastered on her face as she drove away, the whole car vibrating wildly as the engine spun along.
Two months later she was back for some maintenance and one of our shop guys managed to fix the problem. She comes over from the shop in a panic screaming at me about how they BROKE HER CAR, they broke her camaro power.
I convinced her to trade it in, swapping her into a used cavalier that I had sufficient room in to bury her inequity. My boss called me in to ask what in the holy fuck 'camaro power' was, and we spent the next couple of days laughing our asses off about the whole thing.


Since Reddit is a pretty relaxed part of the web, we guessed they didn't remove the post (a moderator confirmed this to us in a message), but the original poster, ncinerate, did. Why's that? We're guessing because of this post from Redditor icorkcatbutts (classy name):

For any of you want to see this guy burn, I know who he is and I'll be sending screen shots of this AMA to his new boss. Principals actually care about the character of their teachers, so here's hoping this guy gets canned his first year, or at least when he screws up once this will be enough supporting evidence to get him out on his ass.


What is really interesting is that a former car salesman posting many events which are probably typical in the used car world becomes terrified that they could be used against him in his new career and was runoff by an angry fellow Redditor, but admitted rapists were ok with posting their stories.

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This is not typical of a respectable factory backed used car lot/dealership. Maybe of some little pot lot, but if any one of my employees did this... they'd be kicked to the curb.

On a side note the person that is being Mr. Hero by turning this guy in and trying to cause him to lose his job because of his past profession deserves to "burn" just as bad. What a chicken shit thing to do. Maybe someone should find out where you work and turn your post over to your co-workers as well as your boss and see what happens.