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Andrey Karginov will bring home another trophy for Kamaz as the ASO has ruled in his favor regarding an accident hindering his path in the last stage. He beat Dutch rival De Rooy by 3:11, finishing the 2014 Dakar Rally in 55:00:28.


Some are complaining that the Kamaz win isn't legitimate and that the team has broken repair rules. In an attempt to stay impartial I'm going to stay away from that, but I will say I still respect Andrey Karginov. "If you lock me in the workshop on my own, I can completely put together a racing truck within a week," he said in this month's Red Bulletin.

When the fanfare is over he's heading back to the Kamaz factory city of Chelny, 600+ miles east of Moscow, to get back on the tools and start prepping for the next Dakar.


Regardless of what happened in the last stage, the Kamaz team put fourth an incredible effort as always and it'd be hard to say they didn't earn this trophy.

That said, De Rooy did a hell of a job as well, especially with his comeback-attempt in the last stage. His win would have made a more surprising headline, but he just just wasn't quick enough.

While Iveco dominated the early stages of the race, Karginov and Kamaz kicked it up a notch when it counted and put as much as twelve minutes between them and their Dutch rival.

Congratulations to the Kamaz Master team, and especially truck No. 506. Driver Andrey Karginov, Co-Driver Andrey Mokeev, and Mechanic Igor Devyatkin put on one hell of a show.


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