Red Bull Is Racing Hardcore Redneck Fishing Boats Now

Remember that little aluminum skiff your grandpa used to take you fishing on? Turns out they go pretty fast with a modest engine upgrade and a few insane pilots.

If you guessed “Florida” I wouldn’t blame you, but the Riverland Dingy Derby has apparently been going down in Renmark, South Australia since 1981. Now Red Bull has absorbed it, branded it and sacrificed it on the alter of all things extreme so we can watch the GoPro footage from our stuffy offices.

A 30 horsepower outboard engine isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but it doesn’t look like these fishing skiffs need much motivation to wreak havoc on the Murray River.

There’s no point denying how fun this is to watch, but it makes me wonder how deep into extreme sports Red Bull’s willing to throw cash. Be careful of how quickly you push your shopping cart around the grocery store, it might end up with a red-and-blue vinyl wrap and camera mounts.


Images/video via Red Bull

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“That’s cute” - New Zealand.

If you’ve never heard of New Zealand’s jet boats, well, it’s something wonderful. What do you do when you have a hull and 20-ish cm of water (8-ish inches) with a bunch of rocks in the middle? Well strap a nozzle and a big V8 to it of course. And then go racing. Or take tourists with you.

(Shotover River, Queenstown, New Zealand, by me)