Record-Breaking Parade Of Subarus Passes Through Illinois Town

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Boy, am I jealous. If I owned a Subaru and I lived in a tiny little place called, Itasca, Ill., I could have been part of two pieces of the Guinness World Records set.


They must really love Subarus in this village of 8,649 people, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Earlier this month, the largest parade of Subarus ever passed through Itasca, with 371 Subarus from 9 states driving through. It broke a record previously set by Itasca in 2009, of a mere 339 Subarus drove around the village.

Actually, organizers fell well short of their original goal, as officials told the Daily Herald newspaper two weeks ago that they'd hoped to get as many as 500 Subarus for the event.


Still, it seems like politicians were happy, as the village president said the record-breaking event was "just a fun thing that helps put Itasca on the map again" and a "nice way to fill up a Saturday afternoon." In a BRZ or STI? Sure.

Still, I can't help but think if everyone in Reno/Lake Tahoe area with a Subaru just drove around together for a little bit, this 371 Subaru record would be shattered.

Photo: Subaru of America

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Where have all the lightweights gone?

I'm more than willing to bet this led the parade