Record-Breaking Motorcycle Racer Bill Warner Dies In 300 MPH Attempt

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Very sad news out of Florida for gearheads everywhere as Bill Warner, a motorcycle racer who once hit a record speed of 311 mph, crashed and died during a high-speed run on Sunday.

Warner, 44, clocked 285 mph at Loring Air Force Base before he lost control and veered off the runway in his his modified Suzuki Hayabusa, the AP reports.

In 2011, Warner set a land-speed conventional motorcycle record of 311 mph at the base using 1.5 miles of runway.


On Sunday, he was attempting to top 300 mph again, this time using just one mile, according to news reports.

About 400 people watched Warner veer right after passing the one mile mark. He traveled upright for about 2,000 feet before veering off and crashing. He was conscious and talking after, but died an hour later at an area hospital. The remainder of Sunday's event was canceled.

From the Los Angeles Times:

"No one will touch Bill's achievements or be the type of racer he was. He was a personal friend and the land-racing community is less for his loss," Tim Kelly, race director of the Loring Timing Assn., said.


Awful news. Godspeed to you, Bill.

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As it's been said here before, I know Bill knew the risks he took. He died doing the thing he loved most. Sure, we all want to live our lives out and have a peaceful and painless death, but to go doing what you loved most? That's somewhat special in itself.

Please don't take my last statement as me saying "I'm glad he died doing what he did because it's dumb and dangerous". I truly mean the opposite. I'm very said to hear about his passing and this accident. There should be more people like him who push limits and are adventurous.

Rest in Peace, Bill.