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Recoil 2: What This Desert Racing Truck Can Do Will Blow Your Mind

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

'Ballistic' BJ Baldwin finally dropped Recoil 2. Watch it and know this in your heart: you need a trophy truck right now.

This is the sequel to Recoil, when Baldwin jumped over his own GTR.

When you've won the last two runnings of the Baja 1000, I guess they just let you haul ass through the race's home town of Ensenada, racing against Dan Bilzerian and a bunch of bikini babes in a helicopter.

That or the creative director Brian Scotto and director Ben Conrad (his company Logan did those iPod silhouette ads and Gymkhana 4) are really, really good at getting things done down Mexico way.


Man, an 800 horsepower V8 and several yards of suspension travel would complete me.