We don't have enough Dutch brothers putting new bodies on already existing cars. This is something I firmly believe. Thankfully, the Huets are around, and they want to make a Miata-based coupe. And it looks like an amalgamation of designs that would be at home running around in Liberty City.

The HB Coupe was originally supposed to be based on the current Mazda Miata, but with the new car coming in just a year, they'll be waiting until the new SkyActiv platform is released before bringing out their roadster.

It's not an unattractive car, but it looks like a design that would be a "classic car" in Grand Theft Auto. The rear looks very Alfa-ey, the front has Jag and Mercedes elements, and the badge looks like it's from a Bugatti but not quite. It's just detailed enough to be interesting and just anonymous enough to be anything.


If the assignment was "draw a classic car" these guys would have gotten an A+.