Realize Your Electric-Powered Akira Dreams With The Zec00

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It might look like a Japanese fever dream born out of an obsession with anime and over engineering, but the Zec00 has one thing going for it beyond insane styling and oh-my-god-the-future flare: a drivetrain that’s actually proven.

It’s taken over four years for the Zec00 to go from concept to production, but in the process the Japanese team snagged a deal with California-based Zero – one of the few electric bike makers actually making something – for its battery, motor, and associated components. And that means it actually has a shot at working.


The motor is the same tried-and-true 50 kW unit Zero fits to its top-of-the-line SR, which means 106 lb-ft of torque – albeit on a bike that weighs a whopping 617 pounds. It’s top speed is rated at 99 MPH and the company claims the same 99 miles of range from its 11.4 kWh lithium-ion battery in mixed riding. The tiny 1.3 kW on-board charger suffers the same slow charge times as the Zero – about 8 hours on a 110 V – but such is the price of electrics, at this point.


While the styling is suitably nuts, it’s the front suspension that deserves attention. The hub-center steering is mated to a vertical twin frame, allowing the center of gravity to be shifted to accommodate the weight of the battery without dramatically affecting handling. It certainly won’t be a crazy corner carver, but damned if they’re not trying.

The Zec00 is on sale now, but it’s only making 49 examples and they’re only for Japan. Not that it matters given the $70k+ starting price.