Good news everyone! A recently-launched merchant on Amazon — named Jetson — is offering the "Futurama Flying Car" for the bargain price of only $50,000. Although the seller makes no promises or claims, other than an artfully updated image of the Guigiaro B.A.T. 5, the reviews on this product offer stunning insight into the performance of this revolutionary, yet totally fictional, vehicle.

  • From reviewer mateo22: "I picked up this item as a birthday present for my wife. She was pretty upset because it's also evident this is the economy model. Call me traditional but it simply does not hold a candle to my Delorean. It looks like a poor conglomeration of Avanti and Peugeot and maintenance issues are out of this world."
  • C. Tretter says: "I ordered this a few weeks ago.. Love it.. It makes my life so much easier to get to and from work.. No more bloody traffic! I cant say a bad thing about it.. It also is compatible with my iphone!!
  • Chris Tichenor on the fuel economy: "So I decided to take a long trip and see how well the gas miliage is. I decided to go to Madagascar. It said on the box that it gets (and I quote) up to 9 million miles to the gallon. Let me tell you though!!! It does not.

The honest and level-headed reviews provided us enough perspective to put our order in for one. We even got a $30 rebate when we signed up for the Amazon Visa credit card after we added it to our cart - talk about a deal! Hold on, our Nigerian banker is on the phone. []