Real-Life Wile E. Coyote Drives Fiat Smack Into Painting Of Tunnel

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This is so achingly beautiful, it makes me happy just to be alive in the same world where this exists. It seems a graffiti artist painted one of those Coyote v. Road Runner-type murals of a tunnel entrance on a solid wall, and someone actually drove into it. The only way it could be better is if the car was found to be full of ACME products.

This seems to have happened back in December, and seems to be first documented on an Imgur post by user rburn, with the succinct caption “so this happened.” The three images show the wall with the tunnel mural, a red Fiat parked nearby, then a close-up of the smashed front of the red Fiat, then a team painting over the mural.


There was even a Road Runner painted next to the mural.

This clearly isn’t from the US, and seems to be from Brazil, thanks to what some informed commenters tell me. There hasn’t been much more information about exactly what happened, with most stories about the event simply referencing the Imgur post. I haven’t found much more information either, to get details or prove this is what actually happened, or anything, really.


But I’m not sure how much I care. As long as no one was hurt, I sort of want this to be true. The picture told in these stories is one of a glorious, messy intersection between the rules of the cartoon world and the rules of reality.


How the hell could someone have done this? I mean, sure, a half-starved coyote, mind already addled from so many rocket-assisted concussions, sure, I get how he could mistake a painted-on tunnel for the real thing when approaching at high speed, but a human capable of driving a car?

Certain sources I found have suggested that the driver did suffer at least some injuries to their spine, which caused the spine to take on a springy, accordian-like shape, resulting in a series of musical-sounding wheezing noises emitted with every step walked.


(thanks, Matthew!)