Real-Life Porsche 911 Sally Carrera from 'Cars' Sells at Auction for $3.6M

That price tag makes it the most expensive new Porsche ever sold at market.

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Photo: Porsche

When Porsche announced it would be building a 911 inspired by Sally Carrera from Pixar’s Cars, I was skeptical — until I saw the thing. As far as “animated movie cars turned into the real deal” goes, Porsche pulled off a win with the bright blue paint and special design cues. Now, that one-off Sally has sold at auction for a record-breaking $3.6 million at the RM Sotheby’s Monterey Auction.

The winning offer came via telephone, Porsche’s press release read, though we don’t know who that bidder was. They apparently loved the one-off vehicle enough to place a record-breaking bid to make this car the most expensive new Porsche ever sold at auction.


That eye-watering amount of money, though, is going to two charities: Girls Inc. and USA for UNHCR.

The first, Girls Inc, is designed to encourage girls around the United States and Canada to develop the leadership skills and independence they’ll need to navigate the countless socioeconomic barriers in place around the world that have traditionally relegated women and minorities to lesser roles in society.


“We are grateful to Porsche and to Pixar for their commitment to this project, which will directly benefit our work,” said Stephanie J. Hull, Ph.D., Girls Inc. President and CEO, as reported by Porsche’s press release. “The character of Sally, and what she represents, is a great role model for young girls and it is fitting that she should be helping a new generation achieve their dreams.”

USA for UNHCR is designed to provide aid to the 6.2 million refugees who have fled across Europe after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Most of the refugees are women and children, including unaccompanied children, who are now trying to make a life for themselves in foreign countries.


Anne-Marie Grey, Executive Director and CEO of USA for UNHCR, said, “There is reason to hope with the critical support of companies like Porsche and Pixar who have generously stepped up to help ensure their safety and protection in months to come.”

“I’d like to express my gratitude and profound congratulations to the winning bidder,” said Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “This generous act has made a difference for two important charities and to the lives of those they’ll help. In return, I hope the bidder is very happy to have secured a special and unique piece of our and Pixar’s history.”