No, not this Hammer Party, although the AMG Hammer came out around the same time as the Big Black album. We're talking about one of 21 American-built 1988 AMG "Hammer" Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars, which is up for sale with a Buy It Now of $89,999. Yes, even though this is a high-end, super-collectible factory musclecar, the seller feels compelled to do the "many nines" pricing routine more commonly associated with a clapped-out '86 Buick Somerset sitting on the Dollar Bill's Easy Autos lot with a Day-Glo "$1,999.99" sign on the windshield. But never mind that, because buying this car today is like buying an LS6 Chevelle 20 years ago; sure, it seems way overpriced now, but just wait another 20 years and see what happens! The only drawback here is the lack of the 32-valve 6-liter AMG engine, though the seller claims the 2-valve 5.6 is actually better. Either way, now that we're in a Hammer Party mood, make the jump to hear "Steelworker." Oh, and thanks to Schm for the tip! [eBay Motors]


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