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Read GM's Investigation Into The Ignition Switch Recall Here

Illustration for article titled Read GMs Investigation Into The Ignition Switch Recall Here

A few hours after announcing some of its findings, General Motors has just released the full internal investigation into the ignition switch recall mess. Now you can read it here.


We're still combing through it all — it's 325 pages — but at least some parts of the document have been redacted. At first glance they appear to deal with the names of those killed in crashes and some details of those incidents.


As we sort through it, feel free to take a look yourself and tell us what stands out to you in the comments.

Valukas Report on Gm Redacted by matt hardigree

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Eric the RC guy

Isn't the issue here that the car would randomly turn off while driving due to the ignition switch being shitty?

How do people die from their car turning off? I don't understand it at all (and yes, I've been ignoring this story for the last year, so I really have no idea)