Re-Watch the Greatest F1 Race of a Generation, the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

Just the other day Felipe Massa tweeted out his support of Brazil’s new fascist president Jair Bolsonaro. And for some reason, today Formula 1 decided to re-air the 2008 Brazil GP in which he suffered probably the most heartbreaking loss in recent racing history.


I remember watching this in a cafe in Williamsburg while the New York City marathon pounded away just a block or two away. I couldn’t turn away from the screen, nor could the guy running the place. We watch in disbelief as Massa won the race, celebrated winning the world championship title as well, until Lewis Hamilton crossed ahead into the position he needed to take the driver’s title, his first of now five. Massa’s family recoiled live on TV.


It was some of the wildest shit I’d seen, and I completely forgot, even that one of the Hondas burst into flames after the race itself.

Now you can watch it all yourself, which I encourage you all to do.

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