RDP Motorsport Dodge Challenger SRT8 Produces Twin-Supercharged 1,000 HP

Our belief is enough is never really enough, which is why we absolutely support RDP Motorsport’s idea to twin-supercharge the Dodge Challenger SRT8. You can hear the ear-splitting results in the video below.

The stock 6.1-liter 440 Hemi V8 in the Challenger STR8 is good for a stout 425 horsepower which, for most, is a healthy dose of adrenaline. Consider RDP’s 1000 horsepower twin-supercharged Challenger a healthy dose of adrenaline with some performance enhancing drugs thrown in for good measure. If it could help Barry Bonds, then it could surely help Dodge’s retro ride, right?


RDP Motorsport has installed a one-off Twin Bullet/RDP Harrop Supercharger system as well as a supplemental nitrous kit from Nitrous Express to produce a Bugatti Veyron challenging 1,000 HP. Extensive modifications were made to the car including a new rear end with a custom ½-inch shaft, quaife limited-slip differential and a 3,800rpm high stall converter to allow the beast to launch with more available torque. Throw in new Kooks headers and a custom-built RDP exhaust and you have one slick Dodge.



While we’re unsure what sort of numbers the dual-blown Challenger will run at the track, we’d be safe to bet it’s capable of running sub-ten second passes down the 1320. RDP’s extreme Challenger was unveiled recently at the PRI Show in sunny Florida to the praise of many and makes us drool at the thought of cruising down Woodward next year in one of these bad boys.

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[via RDP Motorsport]

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