Raymond Loewy Designed 1959 Cadillac Eldorado For Sale

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Raymond Loewy is one of those industrial design legends who has no problem maintaining a spot in the pantheon of automotive history. The design lead for Studebaker during the post war years, Loewy and Virgil Exner, another luminary, were responsible for some of the most forward thinking and trend setting designs of the time. Loewy didn't just do work for a broad range of customers, including NASA, he also did stuff for himself. This self-commissioned 1959 Cadillac Eldorado was designed with nobody but himself in mind, and it's now on the world's largest auction block.


Here's what the seller has to say about this unique automobile:

Purchased new in 1959 by design and styling legend Raymond Loewy and shipped to his coachbuilder, Pichon-Parat of France. After it's transformation, it was painted in light blue/green metallic paint with a white roof and used by Loewy and his family forEuropean trips. It returned to New York, thereafter, to Loewy's principal residence and eventually was relocated to his Palm Springs, California residence. After clocking up approximately 41,000 kilometers, it was sold to his next door neighbor in January of 1971, and was stored until approximately 1989 when it was sold to it's third owner-a European collector. It has just been released from this collection and is now available for sale. Raymond Loewy last drove this vehicle, with the original mileage of approximately 41,000 kilometers still unchanged.

Quite a find and even though it's in a bit of rough shape, it looks to be very complete. Check out how the grille is perforated into the front of the hood — never saw that trick before. While its styling is certainly not for everyone, this Caddy is pretty damned unique. Then again, it better be. The "buy it now" price on this little slice of history is $650,000. Don't all rush the stage at once folks. (Is anyone surprised Junkman sent this tip in?) [eBay Listing]


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Wow, Edsel-rado.