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Rational Man Declares He Saw A Flying Car UFO

Illustration for article titled Rational Man Declares He Saw A Flying Car UFO

A New Zealand man says that he saw a UFO last night that had landed on a road and then flew into space. He says three other people in cars saw it too. They haven't come forward yet. Hmmm, wonder why that is?


Apparently Matthew Robert was driving into Shantytown, New Zealand last night when a "car shaped" object, probably a car, was parked in the road. It then took off vertically in a flash of light, not to be seen again. Robert says that afterwards he lost his cellphone reception, his eyes watered, and his vision was blurry for about an hour.

He says he and the other drivers — there were three of them — all took off, leaving skid marks on the ground. But Robert also says that once he "came to his senses" he noticed the other cars, so maybe they had a burnout contest after it was all over. Robert is the only one of those drivers to come forward and say "holy shitballs, I saw what I think is a UFO." The other three drivers have remained silent thus far.



Oh, I have my theories. They were abducted. They were also aliens. They never existed in the first place. Robert was hepped up on goofballs. He had a seizure. It was a Delorean and Doc Brown was getting Marty to the Enchantment Under The Sea dance to get Jennifer out of 1985A. He crossed dimensions briefly and saw into the world of Tron.

He does admit that people might think he's crazy because nobody else came forward, but also says he "knows what [he] saw." Ok.

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Jonathan Harper

Better question: Why are you reading the New Zealand Herald Travis?