Rare AMC Eagle Sundancer is ultra-weird fun in the sun

We aren't sure there is such a thing as a normal AMC Eagle, but we feel safe saying other models of the 4x4 car were a lot less strange than this Sundancer convertible model. These convertible Eagles were offered through AMC dealers as an expensive coach built option for only two years. The Eagle's notoriously rust prone nature combined with the very low initial production numbers makes surviving Sundancers like this one currently on Ebay very rare birds.

AMC Eagles were the perfect vehicles for people who wanted all the convenience and capability of a four wheel drive vehicle in a strange automotive package. For 1981, AMC decided to make that automotive package a little stranger by adding the Sundancer option. Eagle buyers that checked the $3750 option got their new AMC with a Targa roll bar, fold down rear roof and lift off plastic top in place of its conventional roof sheet metal.


According to various internet sources, approximately 200 Eagles with the Sundancer option were produced in 1981 and sold throughout the 1981 and 1982 model years. No one knows exactly how many survived, but almost none is a pretty safe guess. How this particular Eagle Sundancer managed to avoid the fate of so many others is unknown but if the car's current Sacramento, Ca location suggests a life spent far outside the rust belt.

The owner doesn't specify much about this AMC besides the fact it has been well taken care of and runs as good as it looks. Bidding for this rare Eagle Sundancer has already reached $6299 with over five days left on the auction. Even though it isn't the most desirable vehicle, anyone who wants this interesting AMC will have to bid to win because who knows when the next time another one will come up for sale.

[Ebay via BringATrailer]


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