Random Dude Fires Tank Abandoned On Ukraine Street

This is what happens when you leave a tank parked on a city street.

According to these LiveLeak and YouTube posts, a BMP light tank was reportedly left stalled on a city street near Mariupol. Like, a gassed-up, loaded tank. Ready to roll. Ready to obliterate some separatists.

Naturally, when you leave a tank parked in the middle of a city street, people just come and check it out, including one guy who somehow managed to pull the trigger on the canon.


According to the LiveLeak post, there were no fatalities, but that was sheer luck. The shot just barely missed an old man, who ended up getting hit by a flying brick.

It could have been much worse, but then, what did you expect was going to happen when you let a bunch of ordinary people get their hands on a tank?

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