Ram's Paul Harvey Farmer Commercial Is The Best Ad Of The Super Bowl

Forget the Ravens and the 49ers. Chrysler just won the Super Bowl with a commercial for its truck brand that was memorable, unique, and inspiring.

With an ad that's spiritually similar to tonight's troop-boosting Jeep ad, as well as their urban-centric Chrysler ads from previous years, Ram has delivered something that manages to tug at the heart strings while remaining genuinely authentic. It helps that the whole thing is beautifully shot.


This ad reiterates that regardless of how many gussied up, leather-filled trucks they may sell to rich Texans, at the end of the day, people need work pickups to by God get things done. And the poetic narration by Paul Harvey really drives it all home.

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Benjamin Preston

So they're using the sweat off the hardworking farmer's brow to sell trucks to fat suburbanites? Nice try. The farmers depicted in this ad appear to be "Jeffersonian" farmers, who do all that stuff because they have some sense of ownership over what they're doing. Many farmers work their asses off for a big corporate farm owned by an oil company or something, and although some of them can afford trucks like these gorgeous Rams, how many of these trucks (especially the fancy leather lined ones) will actually end up spending most of their time a mall/office park parking lots?

Stirring bit of prose by Paul Harvey, but Ram is part of a cultural problem in America which won't be solved with awesome trucks or one farmer actually convincing his son to carry the torch.