Thieves in Canberra, Australia busted into the Kippax Fair shopping center yesterday, running through the mall in a Subaru Legacy (ne Liberty, Down Under) and then smashing through the gates of a jewelry store in a ram-and-grab robbery. It’s like the worst Gymkhana ever.

The car was reportedly stolen and some mall workers were apparently there when it happened. According to the Canberra Times:

Brumbies baker Colin Pick said he was holding a freshly-baked tray of the criss-crossed Easter treats when he heard “an incredible noise”.

“It all happened in a bit over a minute, there was the huge screech of tyres and I looked up and saw the car coming towards me.

“I thought I was going to get killed,” Mr Pick said.

The two suspects are apparently still on the run, and are thought to be responsible for two other break-ins last year.

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