Rally Driver Shows Drifter How To Have A Good Time In The Dirt

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When you put Ken Block in an Escort Cosworth, it’s a party. When you invite Mad Mike Whiddett along for the ride, you just know things are going to get crazy. Ken’s Cossie World Tour is currently running its second leg this weekend in New Zealand at the Rally Whangarei. The testing stages were open last week for Ken to log some miles in the still new car, testing new suspension setups and differential settings. That test stage just happened to be about 20 minutes from Mad Mike’s shop, so he swung by.


This Monster Cossie is my personal favorite of Ken’s cars, and probably the raddest car still running regular rally competition in 2019, decades after it was properly competitive. Ken is doing what we all wish we could do, as he picked a series of seven events that he wanted to compete in and is shipping this car all around the world to run them. Though, if it were me in this situation, I’d have thrown Pikes Peak on the schedule.

Anyhow, here’s an entertaining video blog from the scene of testing the Cossie in New Zealand ahead of this weekend’s rally. Of course, it wouldn’t be a thirty year old project car without a few minor issues, like wiping out 6th gear for some reason.

It’s rare that we get an in-depth look at test sessions or race weekends like this, and I, for one, am glad for Ken Block giving the world this video series (I mean, Ken Block’s sponsors) because Rally does not get enough attention in the U.S. and I hope this helps the cause.

The major value of this video, however, is in the quantity of pure Escort Cosworth onboard and in-car shots with a proper and pure turbo four vroom pop and crack soundtrack shouting at your earholes. Click play and be entertained.

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Is it just me or does it sound like Mr. Blockington should still have about 2 months left to recover from his concussion?