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Rally Crash Kills Three Spectators In Serbia

Illustration for article titled Rally Crash Kills Three Spectators In Serbia

Three spectators died this weekend when a Mitsubishi rally car speared off into a crowd on a hill climb up Mt. Tara in Serbia. It is difficult to watch, difficult to assign blame and difficult to find a clear lesson to take away.


The organizers for this event, a non-championship event in the FIA's European Hillclimb Championship, banned all spectators from standing in this location. It was the same situation in the deadly French rally crash earlier this year. This crash makes it painfully clear why it should be avoided.


Rally cars will go off the road, and they will crash. It's a matter of the sport. Race organizers are responsible for properly managing the crowds, but the spectators are ultimately responsible for staying out of the line of danger.

Warning: the video below shows what happens when fans don't stay away.

Rally America keeps spectators a fair distance from the course, but on long rallies, policing every turn is impossible. As a rally spectator, much of your safety is up to you. Hopefully, this video will influence organizers to more forcefully assert their restrictions (as the impending lawsuits might do) and will also convince spectators to more strictly heed those warnings.

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Paul Cypert

"difficult to find a clear lesson to take away" - watch at f'in home. Instead of only being able to watch one corner that could result in a car smashing into you, sit comfortably at home watching all parts of the track with stats and commentary and not be in the way. You do nothing for the drivers, they can't hear your cheers like at other sporting events. So pack it home people.

A completely unnecessary tragedy.