UPDATE: The Chevy Volt Forum's got pictures from inside the design studio of the interior and a GM artists render of the front. Hit the jump to see it in all of its graininess. - Second update: now with a front end picture!Something we didn't tell you yesterday was that while we were in attendance at the GM event yesterday, we pulled out our cell phone to check a text message we'd just received. Immediately, GM PR was on top of us, confiscating the phone because it had a camera on it. OK, we could deal with that — we understood they didn't want the scoop to get out that we'd just seen both the first test mule of the Chevy Volt electric car (dressed up in the skin of a late model Chevy Malibu) and a scale model of what the actual Volt will look like when it hits the road in two years. But apparently some pigs are more equal than other at these embargoed and supposedly confidential press events. WWJ Radio's Jeff Gilbert has posted video of the battery lab and the wind tunnel we described from yesterdays Chevy Volt event at GM. We don't know how he got out of there alive with it, we don't know why GM officials weren't all over him for filming this and we don't know what the ramifications will be. But seriously though, who knew a radio reporter could be so sneaky, anyway? Kudos to Jeff on his liberation of the video. However, although we won't be the first ones to break embargoes, we also won't be the third. Without further ado, the video above tells the story we saw better than the words out of our fingertips.

That rendered image on the back wall, on the left side is very interesting don't you think?

Not saying nothing, but that may ring a bell from yesterday's event. Yeah, now that we take a look at that, it looks pretty darn familiar.


Seriously guy, stop digging stuff up, we're getting hungry here. This one looks like that one time when Bob Boniface lifted the sheets to reveal the restyled nose of the Chevy Volt except it's turned 90 degrees relative to the railing in the back from when we saw it! Draw your own conclusions from that.

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