Rad Dorm Room Furniture, Or Your Next Lexus Interior?

(Images via Lexus)
(Images via Lexus)

Lexus is so proud of their Kinetic Seat Concept that they’re giving it its own spot at their Paris Auto Show display. Think they actually built it, or just pulled a prop out of the Zoolander 2 set and hit it with a few Lexus stickers?

On Thursday the company released these images with a verbose press release that used many words to explain that a seat is where your body goes while sitting.

Apparently this IKEA-esque implement will be light weight. I mean, look at all those speed holes!

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The spider web is actually made of something called QMONOS, a strong-and-flexible material developed by a company called Spiber Inc which appears to be trying to use protein in manufacturing.

Let’s ask mom if we can get one for the basement. Looks totally sick for your next marathon Overwatch sesh.

The seat will be on display at the Paris Motor Show for the first half of October, and then probably stuffed into a corner of an actual basement under a Toyota R&D facility and not see the light of day again until the next yard sale.


You can also watch Lexus’ Paris press conference on September 29 at 1:30 p.m. CEST.

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