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Racing to the future, an 11-year-old finds grown-up drive, risks — Motoramic


Great little piece on motorsport from Jalop-alum Alex Lloyd.

It was March 2010 and Lance Fenderson was age 8. While most kids were kicking soccer balls or playing with Star Wars charactes, Lance was hitting 70 mph in his go-kart at the Florida Winter Tour, practicing the sport he'd taken up at age 5.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness: This Seat is Taken — Automobile


An older Jamie Kitman reflects on what it was like being a younger Jamie Kitman. A great read.

Driving a McLaren cross-country reminds me of my very first car test. Back in 1985, while still in law school, I got to drive a supercar coast-to-coast — the then-new Lotus Turbo Esprit, Series 3. For me, who'd never traveled across the United States in more style than when I did it in a 1964 Dodge Dart wagon with a shift-linkage problem, it was not just mind-blowingly cool but also a seminal introduction to one of life's great mysteries, how closely good news and bad news are often intertwined.


Why did an incredible lakeside track only hold 1 race in 22 Years? — The Smoking Tire


An in-depth look at a recent AOTD answer from our friends at TST.

This is the Portrero de los Funes Circuit, located in San Luis, Argentina, and this is me falling in love at first sight.

I've never driven it. I hadn't even heard of it until two days ago. But it's 3.9 miles, running around along a lake, like a freshwater Pacific Coast Highway. But it's better than PCH, because there are safety fences, and no police. There's no lane lurkers, semi trucks, or buses. It's like someone shrunk the Nurburgring around Lake Como.


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