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Racing simulators are getting scary realistic

PC racing simulator iRacing is for people who find the Forza and GranTurismo games too arcade-like. This dude's five-screen setup for a digital race at Mid-Ohio is so realistic he's wearing gloves to drive it.


Drivers like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Lewis Hamilton use iRacing to get faster and win real races, honing their skills in a cheap and safe way.


While this rig appears to lack the motion-sensitive seat, the closed cabin with five screens for full directional viewing and smaller screens for race positioning and vehicle info add another level of realism.

Watch it long enough and the ceiling disappears and for a moment you feel like you're watching a real race from the inside of a Ford GT. Why would anyone ever leave their basement?

(Hat tip to r/Cars!

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Cool, but I read up on the specs and the cost... It runs 100$ a year with three cars and additional content (cars and tracks) cost extra. That's kind of BS right there. At the very least they should offer everything in one price. Or make it open source and free. Or just make it a real game you pay 60$ for and own forever, like everyone else does.