Racing School Kicked My Ass

I just got back from the Lucas Oil School of Racing’s two-day basic course at Lime Rock Park. While I have transformed into a driving god (I think), I am exhausted, banged-up, and broken. These are the bruises incurred, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

(Full Disclosure: Lucas Oil School of Racing must’ve seen just how terrible I was on track, because they invited us to take part in their two-day basic course. It normally costs about $2,000.)


Bruise one, left knee, incurred on by repeatedly banging it on the piece of frame that goes across the top of the pedal box as I tried to keep my foot off the clutch:

Bruise two, right knee, incurred by a one-time hit on the bottom of the steering column as I was exiting the vehicle:


Bruise three, left underarm, might have been incurred by bracing myself against the ad-hoc foam padding I threw into the cockpit so that I could, well, fit:


Bruise four, right underarm, same possible cause as the other arm:


I also have a pretty big and nasty abrasion on my back, and I am sore as hell in every single muscle and bone of my body.

And all I want to do is go back.

Expect a full write-up and video soon. In the meantime, satiate yourselves with a photo of me looking dorky as hell with my glasses in a helmet:


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