Racer Recounts The Horrifying Crash That Cost Him His Jaw

Image via Speedcafe on YouTube

In a hard Stadium Super Trucks wreck over the summer, Australian driver Matt Mingay sustained major injuries that included a loss of his jaw. He made it out of critical condition and through being revived on the scene, and his interview months after the wreck is powerful on an entire spectrum of emotions. 

The crash occurred during a support race for the Verizon IndyCar Series’ Detroit Grand Prix in June. He went to the hospital in critical condition, and Autoweek quoted a fellow driver as saying he “lost a fair bit of his lower face” in the crash. In the Speedcafe interview below, Mingay even said he died on the spot and had to be revived. At the time of this interview in September, he still needed to undergo further surgery in order to restore some of the jaw bone that he lost.


Mingay says he doesn’t remember much of the weekend, other than he was supposed to be in Detroit for four days and wound up staying there for two and a half weeks. The interview below is from September, but it’s powerful enough to warrant a share:

It’s hard to watch someone have such a life-altering accident doing what they love. But to see a person who lost his jaw sit down for a seven-minute interview to talk about it a few months later is enough to leave you speechless—especially when that person plans to get back in the race car soon.

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